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Sep 29, 2006
Hey guys. Okay, on the Dodmerb site (, It showed that they have recieved my papers from my optical exam. Well, before the exam was processed, I didn't type in the dates of my scheduled appointments. Reason being is that I didn't know when I was going to do my medical appointment (I called the office and they said they don't schedule appointments, it's walk in appointments only). Well, I'm going to go take my medical exam tomorrow (I have no school tomorrow). But, when I try to type in the date of my scheduled appointment for my optical exam, it won't let me. I'm guessing because they already processed the papers and everything. Well, what do I do now? Will my application be "incomplete" because I have everything except the scheduled appointments. I'm guessing I should wait until they process my medical exam, and hopefully it'll turn into a "complete." I mean, DODMERB will still get all of my papers I'm sure, but will this cause any problems in the whole process?

Haha, I think this may sound confusing to some. If it is, read it over again or something, or I'll try and go into deeper detail if anyone wants.
When concorde recieves everything from your optometric and medical i dont think that not typing in the appointment dates will be a problem.

Entering the date on the Domets site is requested, but not required. All your information will make it to DoDMERB with no problems.