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  • We are going to the Youngstown Air Show this weekend (probably Sat. the 17th). My DS went to USAF museum couple weeks ago. Spent the day with 4 fighter pilots (2 F-22 and 2 F-16, one of which is his cousin). That was highlight of his senior year! ALO is coming to his award ceremony tonight to present him with his appointment certificate. Graduation is one week from Friday. It's busy but we're just trying to enjoy this last month before I-Day. Congrats again to your DS on all he has accomplished. Keep in touch and keep me informed on USNA status !
    We went to USAF Museum today to meet with ALO and complete some paperwork. Photo opps and walking the museum was fun. DS took brother "up" in a simulator - 11 kills and not shot down then their time was up. Still nothing from USNA - but suspect he'll hear something soon. June 26th will be here before we know it! Enjoy graduation and the little time left.
    Hope all is well with you. I keep searching to see if your DS is off the WL and offered an appointment to USNA. Wish you & him the very best.
    Congratulations on another appointment! Hope you get good news on USNA soon. Also saw your post on USAFA BFE. My son's ALO is coming to his award banquet at school and presenting a certificate to him. I guess everything is through the portal that we receive. Someone call it the "BFP" (Big Fat Portal).
    We have also attended several Dayton Air Shows through the years and always made it a point to visit the USAF Museum once a year as well. My son played basketball all four years in high school and one year of football. Does your son play any sports? Any word from USNA?
    We are from Wellston in southeastern Ohio. My son has always dreamed of attending USAFA. He also wants to fly (fighters). I hope it all works with USNA for you guys but the more Ohio boys, the better in Colorado Springs !!! Who were nomination(s) from? DS has one from Sen. Portman and one from Rep. Bill Johnson.
    Just noticed on the USAFA Appointee thread that you are also from Ohio. DS received appointment on March 14. We are from OH-06. Just wanted to connect and say "congratulations". Has your DS accepted USAFA appointment or still holding out for USNA?
    DS received an appointment to USAFA, NROTC Scholarship to Ohio State and was nominated to USMA and USNA. Still waiting for word from West Point and Annapolis. USNA would be first choice - followed by USAFA. He wants to study Aeronautical Engineering which is not offered at USMA.
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