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    Long Distance Relationships

    My 2021 OG was a 2% and are now happily married at their first duty station. It wasn't easy, but coming to terms that it will be hard early on made it easier on both of them. Now, with you both living in the SA world, you both will know what the other is dealing with in most senses, so that will...
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    Post Graduation Time Off

    I never would have thought about the Spring Break housing search.
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    Post Graduation Time Off

    When the 1/c cadets graduate, do they get a defined amount of time off before having to report to their first assignment? I know USMA allows for up to 60 days, and how much time you get is dependent on BOLC and the needs of the duty station, unit etc. Is there similar time off guidance for USCGA...
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    Swab summer schedule 2022

    If you are looking for what happens week to week, I am not sure that is published, but last year they did a week by week VLOG on YouTube that gives you insight.
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    Swab summer schedule 2022

    All available information should be here. Check out all the material, including the Cadet and Parents Handbook, as well as the Day One schedule at the bottom. Not sure specifically what you are looking for, but this is a start.
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    Relationships at USMA

    My '21 OG and his High School sweetheart are part of the 2% Club. They are now married, own a home and loving life at their first duty station. BUT! I strongly counseled against it prior to R-Day and for the longest time he seemed to have 1 foot at West Point and 1 foot back home. It was a...
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    How Does the Loan Work?

    I can confirm that as of yesterday my 2/c is still paying off that loan each month (should be done in May). Chose not to use $ in hand to pay it outright in 4/c year, regrets it now. Pay it up front if you are able. That said, they survived but does miss the extra in the paycheck.
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    Service commitment question.

    Individual Ready Reserve
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    Current Yearling at USMA, AMA - Female 2024

    My '21 Old Grad still uses the Fox River socks he got while at USMA. Worth the investment.
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    How Does a Cadet Get From the Airport to CGA?

    Our 2/c primarily uses Uber, but has also had Firsties, friends parents from the area, etc. drive them to and/or from. To be honest, it really is a great way for them to learn how to marshal their resources and get creative. There will be 6:00 a.m. flights on a Sat a.m. where Uber may or may not...
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    Post Night 2022

    Post Night is not until next Tuesday February 8, 2022.
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    DS branched QM. Once you graduate you go to Ft. Lee VA for Logistics BOLC (LOGBOLC). LOGBOLC covers Quartermaster, Transportation and Ordinance branches. You go through LOGBLOC with your branch specific peers, but you will learn aspects of all 3 branches. It is likely early in your career...
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    ACT study advice (re-applicant)

    Though my DD used her SAT in her application, she used to add 5 points to her ACT (26 to 31). She hated the ACT BTW, but they had great interactive modules and tons of practice lessons. She used the SAT program they have as well.
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    Class of 2025 - First Day Tips

    Great advice above! I asked my new 2/c this question the other day as she prepares to be Cadre this summer. She said that she and her friends were talking about this very subject of Swab Summer and they unanimously agreed that it is such a small part of the USCGA experience; however, when they...
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    Should I Stop focusing on the SAT and start working on other areas of my application?

    To piggyback on the above, in relation to the class profiles in recent years, your score appears to be competitive. Take a look at your other areas and address any needed areas of improvement. Anecdotally, my DS just graduated from USMA ('21) with a 1380 SAT and my DD is at another academy with...