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    ROTC and Employment

    I know that my brother, as a student at USNA, isn't allowed to have a job during the summer or anything like that. What are the rules for Army ROTC students? Can we have a job during the summer, or get an internship during the summer?
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    Presentation of ROTC Scholarship?

    About how long did it take you to get the form in the mail that asks you to be recognized for an Army ROTC scholarship? I got my AF one a LONG time ago (and got the award in the mail today) but I haven't heard anything from Army. I don't want to be annoying to them, but I also would love to...
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    Technical AROTC Scholarship

    So I got my letter in the mail today, and it said that I have been awarded a four year "technical" scholarship to the schools I applied for. What does this technical mean? Is it like AFROTC, where it's just science and engineering? Or would my intended major, accounting, fall under this as...
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    If you aren't on scholarship, do you have to pay for your uniforms?
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    Army Rotc process

    They just started on the 9th. You have to have everything in to "sit" for the board. They are probably finishing up now or soon. One of the schools you applied to might call you to congratulate you if you get a scholarship, since they find out before you do.
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    Tell me about your AROTC interview...

    My guy just asked me what AP classes I've taken and why I didn't apply or want to go to his school, which was really awkward since his school isn't a very good one and incredibly expensive. He did a LOT more talking than me and gave good insight on what to find out about other colleges' programs.
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    AROTC scholarship

    Don't worry about it. It gets really confusing when everyone is talking about a different branch. I check the scholarship website constantly, but since my interview got all mixed up, and the message that they apparently keep up there until you get a scholarship is to do your interview, I'm...
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    AROTC scholarship

    What about Army?
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    AROTC scholarship

    Are you allowed to call Cadet Command and ask them if you got a scholarship? If so, what's the number? Due to a lot of mix ups with my scholarship, I'm really paranoid that something didn't get submitted right, and want to see if I even sat for the board.
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    ROTC poor eyesight

    Can you get Lasik? I know that they don't like it and prefer PRK for service academies, but is it different for ROTC?
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    AROTC scholarship

    I have that message on mine too, since I already completed DODMERB. I got worried when a month after my interview passed and it still said that. If you did an interview at a school where you are not applying, I would recommend sending an email to Cadet Command making sure all of your stuff is...
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    Army ROTC Jan review board

    A PMS at one of my top schools called me the other day to congratulate me on receiving a scholarship. I told him my interview had only been submitted that day. He called back the next day and apologized, I wasn't awarded a scholarship. How cruel this world is!
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    I was so excited to get my AFROTC acceptance letter. But I also have a problem. The school I want to go to has a crosstown agreement, which means every Tuesday you have to drive an hour to this other school, take your two classes there, then drive back. By the time you get back home, it's...
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    CFA during summer seminar

    I asked my ALO about this and he said that as far as he knew, the CFA at SS counts. Perhaps it has recently been changed?
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    I can definatly suppress it if I focus a lot, but sometimes it just overwhelms me. To get a waiver, would I have to get my coaches to say that its not a deal, or my doctors, or a DODMERB, or what? Thanks.