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    AFROTC Senior Medical Status

    Hey, sorry for the confusion or mix up. Of course I reported it, not doing so is an integrity violation, plus they review your medical file before you commission. In fact I had a waiver for migraines when I entered because I hadn't had one in years, but then I started getting them again and...
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    AFROTC Senior Medical Status

    We actually have to report within 3 days any time we see a doctor or have any change in medical status. I have seen seniors kicked out before but not since I was a freshman and those were for serious issues. But my det is very small, so medical issues dont arise to often.
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    AFROTC Senior Medical Status

    Hey everyone I am a senior in AFROTC. I started having real bad migraines (3 to 4 a week) so I went to the Doctors and they put me on a few medications and now are referring me out to a Neurologist. I know Medical waivers aren't as easy to come by as they used to be, but does any one know the...
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    AFROTC drinking

    Hey everybody. Well tonight I went to a friends dorm because a lot of are buddies were up from high school, just wanted to chill with my good friends. They were playing beer pong, I don't drink though because I like to stay physically fit. The RA came and wrote everyone up, even those who...
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    Best chance to fly

    ROTC To be honest I am not to sure if I would rather fly Helos or fixed wing air craft. I am torn because a part of me wants to be that fighter pilot hitting huge Gs, while the other part of me wants to be in more contact with the ground troops and a little bit more in the action. So to be...
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    Best chance to fly

    USAF Hahah thanks man for the links, and advise. Sorry I didn't mean to generalize the Air Force into all Pilot want to be's, just the Air Force controls the skies so I know a good amount of people who want to fly always think Air Force first:biggrin:
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    Best chance to fly

    Hey everyone I am sure this question has been asked before but all I could find is who are the best pilots in the US armed services. But my question is in an ROTC program which service gives you the best chance to fly AFROTC, NROTC, or ROTC. My guess is navy because I have heard the last few...
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    AFA Dude a 4:50 mile is a great time time, now your push ups and pulls up could use improvement but thats a lot easier than someone who needs to approve there mile time. Hit the gym and do a few sets of pull up each days and some sit ups. Also, working on your sit ups can be a good one to max...
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    Do I have a chance?

    Yo man there is always a chance, you wont know unless you apply. Your activities are good which will help and you've got a pretty decent GPA. So really just try and get your SATs up even if not in time for the senators for the Academy its self. Because what I have heard is the President has...
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    remedial urine test

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    Hey everyone I just wanted to give some advise from a person who has been through the Dodmerb process before and is going through it again. Last year when I applied I was DQed and it was a huge hassle getting waived because I wasn't to familiar on how the process worked. However, the people at...
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    General Takes Swipe at McCain

    Generals Remarks Can I just say that the generals remarks are absurd. Yes, people can argue that by serving in the United States military that doesn't make you qualified to serve, which I can not argue. Not every soldier, sailor, or airman has the experience to be a political leader of such...
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    college classes

    USNA Nice, but yeah haha we do. I am going to be a freshman at Syracuse University in New York. What classes are you taking? Are either of you in NROTC? Unfortunately, that option isn't available to me so I'll be Army ROTC (which will still be fun, rewarding, and good back up if USNA doesn't...
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    college classes

    USNA Hey man I think you've got the right idea on your course selection. You took Chem, Clalc, and English so you definitely are mirroring the Academies Plebe year. I am in the same situation as you applying for the second time and going to be a college applicant. God luck hope to see you on...
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    College Applicant

    Hey as some of you know I am trying again for USNA, and maybe another Academy or two (To keep options open)! But anyways you all have given great advise as well as admission reps that I should take Calc, Chem, and an English. At Syracuse I am enrolled for Aerospace Engineering so I am required...