AFROTC drinking


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Dec 19, 2007
Hey everybody. Well tonight I went to a friends dorm because a lot of are buddies were up from high school, just wanted to chill with my good friends. They were playing beer pong, I don't drink though because I like to stay physically fit. The RA came and wrote everyone up, even those who weren't drinking. At my detachment you can not get in trouble with any authority, if you do you must report it. What will happen to me and does anyone have any advise.
Hopefully you learned a lesson from this...guilty or not you were in a bad situation so take any punishment dished out with honor and dignity.:thumb:
Guilt by assocation, sadly. People who know that you normally make wise decisions will probably take your word for it.
I am with sealion and many others, if you come cleangive all of the facts they will probably look the other way or give you a desk drawer reprimand (this will go in your file and never be brought up again unless it becomes an issue) when you graduate with no other problems it them gets filed in the circular cabinet