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  • I do Baseball, Basketball, and I do Electrical Engineering/Programming, and I cut wood for a living... All are fun, because I find that you can always push yourself harder in every one of them. Don't worry, I've avoided drama for a reason, lol. I agree, usually when I get stressed or ticked off, running seems to work it out, anything else you do?
    Well, I do long distance track, which usually is considered a lot harder than sprints, and I do sprints, and both have great benefits. It kinda depends on your body build, which one is easier. If you are the leaner, skinnier type with lots of energy, and are really ready to push yourself, go for distance track. If you are more of the type with a lot of muscle build, and can exert all your energy into one really good run, do sprints. But middle distance is pretty good too, it combines both. And yes, it is really fun, and from experience, a lot of people I know to be in JROTC run track as well. The Avatar is a character from, uh, willy wonka I think? The quote is, "Oh, you hate drama? Please, keep dramatically telling me about it."
    My name is Brad and I'm a high school senior. I just wanted to help you out a bit since you a new to the forum and pretty new to the WP experience. So basically, my advice to you would be to work your tail off all 3 years, take the SAT/ACT as many times as you can, get involved in the community, play some sports, and stay off the forum. I dont mean stay off forever, but just til your junior or senior year. it's great that you are interested in WP, but getting on everyday is a waste of time, especially for someone in a critical stage in building their WP resume. This forum does not have new, info that will affect your class of 2020 so it is not worth your time checking it. Go do homework, work out, do some volunteer work or something productive. You don't want WP to become an idol in your life.
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