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    Thanks for the follow up. He said he tried to call once and did not leave a message as he was staying with a previous NJROTC friend who is now a sophomore at USC and I think he had him pretty scheduled. They spent most of the afternoon on campus. He LOVED the ballgame. It was not his first visit. We went for campus day in May. We also just stopped briefly while traveling through last November and just walked the campus. That's what got him. A crisp fall day. Football excitement in the air and lot of pretty girls. That did it. HA. The 2nd trip in May convinced me too. Seems like a wonderful place. Long downhill hike to that ROTC building. He will have to get used to the hills! Again thanks for all the advice. He will touch base with the unit this week. His App to USC is all complete and all ppwk in. I looked at those other scholarships as well. PS is your son or has he been in Capstone?
    Hope your son enjoyed the game. Russ said he didn't hear from him. Hope it wasn't phone issues that caused it. Gamecocks were looking pretty ragged in the second half but at least they hung on. Was it his first time at the school? Did he get to see much of the campus?
    Good. Russell is eagerly anticipating his call. When I mentioned it to him he said "ABSOLUTELY!". He is also bringing another guy with him, Kyle Carpenter, who is a freshman at the college. Russ met him when he was part of a freshman orientation group that he lead. Google him. Hope they get together! BTW, if you want to know what Russ looks like go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2Hyv2eMYhM&list=FLKA5eG07zdhKxsO4hZZn6OA . You can't miss him!
    The board did not meet in August. It will meet later in Sept. around the 23rd. I don't think the delay will affect his chances one way or the other. They normally give out very few scholarships at the first board anyway.

    I assume you mean he's going down for the football game tomorrow. If that's correct here is my son's (Russell Kinne) phone number: 919-434-8117. The NROTC unit has a tailgate before the game. Have your son call him and maybe Russell can direct him to the tailgate and introduce him. He would be more than welcome and could perhaps meet a few folks while he's there. I may not be able to reach my son as he works out with one of the NROTC clubs Friday evenings and then goes to dinner with them. I'll leave a message in any case, but just tell you son to tell him I gave him the number. Trust me. He won't mind and will be excited to show a potential new recruit around a bit.
    Hi. I think some phone conversations or email exchanges would be beneficial. Don't overdo it. Try to get questions you have answered.

    Regarding affordability: Look into the college's Woodrow scholarship online. My DS did not receive a 4 year NROTC scholarship. The Woodrow scholarship made it affordable for us to send him there.

    The unit's alumni association used to offer the equivalent of a Woodrow scholarship to OOS midshipmen who completed NROTC orientation. I don't know if they still do this. It would be worth a call or email exchange to find out. This would put your son on their radar. Of course, he should make the call. The way I would go about this is to 'mention that your son has applied for the NROTC scholarship and is also considering participating as a college programmer. Ask if they are aware of any scholarships besides those offered by the college that might be available to an OOS student'.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck to Willy!!! :thumb:
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