1. ktnatalk

    Live Stream of Commissioning 5.26.17

    This was released today. Please share with those who cannot attend in person. ‪https://livestream.com/navy/events/7266105?t=1492108841421‬
  2. G

    What to expect in Naval Academy Summer Seminar?

    Just received news that I was accepted to NASS first session. I am thrilled but also very nervous. Any tips on what to expect? Any physical training that anyone recommends? Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. N

    NROTC 2017

    Hello all, Would anyone let me know if they see a portal change on their scholarship info page during this month and april? Just want to make sure I'm up to date and also when to check my portal for an update. Thanks!
  4. N

    NROTC Test Scores

    On my scholarship status portal the selection status has just changed to "No decision had been made" today. Is it like this for anyone else (just changed today I mean) Also, it has my math score as 760 and reading as 750. I honestly don't remember my scores being these. Do I need to contact...
  5. E

    SLE Fitness Preparation

    I am a female junior that was offered a spot for week 2 of the West Point SLE. I have a couple questions on what the physical side of the program will be like. Thanks! How intense the physical part of the program will be? Is taking the CFA test there optional? How much should I prepare for the...
  6. N

    NROTC 2017 Scholarsip Chances

    Hey all, I was just wondering what my scholarship chances are. I find out next month if I receive one, but I'm checking the portal every 10 minutes so I thought I'd ask. Sat: 1490/1600 Gpa uw: 3.6 Class rank: 5/46 PFT: 55 pushups, 89 situps, 8:12 run(eh) Mixed athletics, namely MMA fighting for...
  7. M

    AFROTC LEAD Manual

    The 2017 LEAD (Leadership Evaluation and Development) manual has been released: https://www.docdroid.net/D5abI7w/lead-2017-v2.pdf.html The biggest difference I've noticed so far is that there is only one FA administered on TD-2 and if you fail it you get an unsatisfactory on your LEADPR but...