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    I am a female junior that was offered a spot for week 2 of the West Point SLE. I have a couple questions on what the physical side of the program will be like. Thanks!

    How intense the physical part of the program will be?
    Is taking the CFA test there optional?
    How much should I prepare for the physical part?
    What should my mile time be around?
    How much running will I be doing?
    What kind of exercises should I do in preparation?
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    The physical part of the program in not extremely intense, if you are in OK shape you will be fine. If you are in great shape, you will really be able to make an impression on the detailers that will help your future file though. Taking the CFA is a requirement, but if you fail the CFA nothing is uploaded into your portal and you have to start "fresh" like all the other candidates who did not go to SLE. Before you go, make sure you have some endurance built up and can do a substantial number of push-ups and sit-ups.
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    CFA is not optional. Everyone takes it.

    Tips: Train now!!! If you pass the CFA at SLE, you may not have to do it again (however, you may be required to submit videos of certain events, there are threads about this). So, practice each event in sequence. Try to exceed the average scores, which West Points posts on its CFA website (there are a lot of threads about CFA preparation). Here's the link: Documents/CFA_Instructions.pdf

    Also, do not eat a big breakfast the morning before the CFA. Too many SLE attendees ate too much and threw up during the CFA.

    My DS told me the other parts of SLE were not difficult. But he was shocked as to how many attendees were not prepared for the CFA.

    Congrats on getting into SLE. Use this opportunity to further your application by nailing the CFA.
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    Everyone else pretty much answered the first questions. As far as exercises go, though, I'll just give you what I do, at least for CFA prep. Before school every morning, I just do pushups, situps, and pullups. As far as the numbers go, take half of your PR (highest you can do without keeling over), and do three sets of that number, with something like a 20 second rest in between. Then increase by 2 or 3 for the pushups and situps, and 1 for the pullups, when you feel ready to increase the number. It really works, at least for me. The max scores are in the document @Padre101 has a link to above. Train to try to get above those, because it'll get harder due to the fact that all of the events are right after each other.

    With the mile, you're a girl, so their max score (to ace it) is 6:00. Obviously shoot for this pace, but it'll be after all of the other events, which is a bit difficult, so I would just train for the mile and see if you can get your mile time below 6:00 without the exercises in the beginning, and then you should be able to meet it. I do track, so I just use track practice as prep for the mile.

    This is just what I'm doing for CFA prep and it seems to be working because my numbers are getting higher as I go, so maybe that'll help out.

    Good Luck!
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    Oh yes, the legendary fruit cup is what came up often after the mile (sorry for anyone that has a weak stomach). My dear friend told me everyone in his squad that had fruit for breakfast threw up, I will not be eating fruit the morning of the CFA.
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    Also practice the basketball throw. I saw a lot of people struggle with this event. There is a great sticky at the top of the USMA forum that has tips.

    If you can not do a pull up work hard on the flex arm hang. Practicing the flex arm hang helped me get strong enough to do 3 pull ups on my CFA. I still can not do the flex arm hang to save my life.

    You ask about running twice. Does this mean you are not a runner(don't answer)? I am a swimmer. I can swim 4 miles in practice and not bat an eye but before my 2nd semester Junior year I really struggled with running. If you are not a runner get a training program started now. Not just to prep for the CFA but to get ready for BEAST.

    Feel free to PM if you want to see my CFA scores. ( I was weakest in the running events)
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    If you're in decent physical shape, the physical training at SLE should be nothing to worry about. Last year for PT, the first day was plyometric exercise stations with your platoon, the second day is a relay with your squad, and the third was a run in formation. The CFA is not optional; I would recommend starting to prepare now and completing all of the CFA events in order and time that you will be taking it at SLE. It's easy to underestimate the loading effect of taking all the events so close together- my mile time was much slower than usual. The average mile time is 8:02, the max score is 6:00. You run to PT and back every morning, but that's half a mile at most. The run in formation is closer to a brisk walking pace than a run. I suggest doing as many pull ups as you can as often as you can. If you can't do any, practice doing the negatives only until you can do one full pull up. Good luck!