1. A

    AIM 2019 Week 3 - What to Expect?

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for all the forum supporters - these threads are very helpful. My son is attending the AIM week 3 starting this Sunday. He is all excited! Would like to know some details on PFE and in general. Thank you, everyone, in advance for reading and responding PFE How...
  2. bucketheadsdad

    Spring SWO Ship Selection List is out

    https://www.public.navy.mil/surfor/Pages/Spring-2019-ROTC-Ship-Selection.aspx For those of you that have senior NROTC SWO candidates, they've posted the billet list for February's ship selection.
  3. FutureMarine07

    Happy New Year!

    2018 is coming to a close, and many things have happened, both in the world, in our military, at the Service Academies, in ROTC units, in OCS/OTS/PLC classes, and on this forum. If you wish, reply with important moments this year that happened in the military, at the Academies, in your/your...
  4. M

    Date of Plebe Parent Weekend for 2019

    Hello. Where I worked has just instituted some crazy rules for asking for time-off. Because of that I am trying to figure out when the Naval Academy has the Plebe Parent Weekend this summer . . .2019. I looked on the website and don't seem to be able to find it. Anyone here know what...
  5. Q

    USMAPS 2019 Appointment Thread

    Congrats to all of those who will enter the West Point Prep School for the 2018-19 academic year. Let's start below with the familiar format. # posted / profile name / self-DD-DS / date notified of MAPS offer/ Accepted,Declined,Undecided / State-District / Direct entry or Prior Enlisted...
  6. J

    Congressional Nominations

    Hello Again, How can you find out when the Congressional Nomination Applications first open up? I am graduating in 2019, and thus I'll be a member of the class of 2023, and I was wondering when the earliest possible moment is for me to apply for nominations. I have already checked the website...