3q letter

  1. GA5Fighter

    The Waiver process and Waiting Advice

    Just found out that my waiver was granted and that I am now medically qualified. This was the last thing that I needed to be "3Q". I admit that I was caught off guard when I saw the good news. Guess I had become used to opening the portal every week and seeing "Waiver requested". For any future...
  2. CB267

    Should I be worried about the 3Q letter??

    Hi. I am candidate for the USMA class of 2023. I recieved an "academic" LOA from West Point in early October and I am now medically qualified/have a nomination but I haven't received a 3Q letter. Is there something else that I need to do that I am unaware of?? Because many of my friends have...
  3. A

    Qualified... Now What?

    Received official correspondence from USMA Admissions that I’m now fully qualified and have been put on NWL. It’s the standard letter but after looking around more on my application I found this: “ Once all application requirements are on file (marked with a ), including Nominations and 7th...
  4. S

    NWL and MOC Who Doesn't Rank

    Hey guys, I was notified that I am on the NWL. I've heard this means I didn't get the slot for my MOC's slate, but I read on this forum that with a MOC who doesn't rank candidates, such as mine, all of the candidates in my MOC slate are placed on NWL and the one who gets selected for the slot is...
  5. B

    3Q letter today

    DS received a 3Q letter today with a line that rolling admissions are over for this cycle. Thank goodness for this forum to understand the letter is one more positive step along the long road. Received an LOE with overnight invite some weeks back. Good luck to all in this gauntlet. To those...