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    Letters Of Recommendation

    I’m just about through 75% of my application for class of 2027. I already filled out the required recommendation fields (Math, English, etc…) but there is also the option to add additional LOC’s. I added my water polo coach since he has seen me grown outside of the classroom. Is it worth it to...
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    How can I prepare?

    School stats current hs Sophomore at catholic prep school 1. GPA 3.5 2. PSAT score 930 (first-time past nerves hit me hard) 3. 1 year of varsity Water polo (hopefully two more years post covid) Also compete in club cycling and race in Europe 4. Science Olympiad and student marketing club...
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    How Competitive am I?

    Hi everyone I know this is kind of late to ask as a senior right about now, but I guess it's better done late than never. I have a nomination interview tomorrow and so I decided to look through the forums a a bit today and after seeing some other peoples posts, I've come to the realization that...
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    ROTC Form 5-497 Outdated SAT scoring system

    I recently sent my JROTC SAI a Form 5-497, I filled out all my information but when it asked for my SAT scores, it was written down in the format used before 2016. It asks for my Critical Reading Score, My Writing Score, And my Math Score. I initially assumed this meant the "Test Scores" which...