aerospace engineering

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    How well will an engineering degree from the academy prepare me for an engineering job?

    Hello, I know it is too late to ask since plebe summer is just around the corner, but I am having second thoughts about my appointment. I want to major in aerospace engineering. I saw usna requires 145 credits while a civilian school requires 131, but most required courses are on the subject...
  2. S

    Navy or Air Force Pilot with Engineering degree?

    I am a rising senior studying Aerospace Engineering (grad May 2022), and in a 5 year program where I will graduate with a master's in Aerospace Engineering in May 2023. I am not in ROTC so I will have to either do OTS or OCS. I also have a private pilot's license and around 200 hours. I have had...
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    Grades Importance

    I have a high and competitive GPA, and I'm taking competitive classes, but my math grade happens to be my lowest. I want to major in aeronautical engineering, so I was wondering how bad it looks on my application that my math grade is my lowest grade (though it's an honor class). I have a lot of...
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    NROTC at RPI vs CU Boulder

    DS decided to take NROTC and is facing decision between RPI and CU Boulder for Aerospace Engineering. CU Boulder admitted him to the Exploratory Studies Program, while RPI admitted him to the college of engineering directly. Any comment/opinion on these two school and NROTC units, esp...
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    Aerospace/aeronautical engineer in military question

    I’ve been interested in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering for a long time and i’ve recently considered the officer military route. I’m about the graduate HS, I’m considering AF and NAVY since they are the biggest in aviation I assume. I’m leaning towards the Navy since I enjoy the ocean. I...
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    Aerospace Engineering

    Hello, I am a high school junior and am going to be applying to USAFA and USNA. I would like to major in aerospace engineering and was wondering which academy has a better aerospace engineering program. Also, I was wondering what types of jobs a cadet majoring in aerospace engineering...
  7. amc

    Aerospace engineering

    I'm focused on a career in aerospace engineering and am considering applying to USNA when I'm older (currently 15). I was wondering what life would be like after the academy if I were to get this degree. What kind of jobs do people from the academy receive with an aerospace engineering degree...
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    USNAvUSAFA -must decide which to attend in FOUR days - PLEASE HELP!!

    Alright, so I am currently deliberating my decision between USNA and USAFA, which has to be made very promptly (5/1/16), and today is 4/27/16. I'll be honest in saying I'm still very in between on this. At this point I've figured out that my experience at either Academy will be great and I...