Aerospace/aeronautical engineer in military question


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I’ve been interested in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering for a long time and i’ve recently considered the officer military route. I’m about the graduate HS, I’m considering AF and NAVY since they are the biggest in aviation I assume. I’m leaning towards the Navy since I enjoy the ocean. I have found some info on aerospace/ aeronautical engineering in the AF. However is there an aerospace engineering position in the navy or in any other branch? I can’t find anything online.
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Yes! First, after your initial flight tour, you can put in for graduate school in aerospace engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School. In addition, the Navy has a test squadron at NAS Patuxant River in Maryland.


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What aspects are you looking for? There are many jobs within that field, some of which the military does very well, and others that usually get outsourced to civilian companies.


FYI, there really isn't much "aerospace engineering" outside of the AFRL route (via Developmental Engineer) in the USAF. Even that AFSC would not have anything near to comparable to what you would do on the civilian side.