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Nov 16, 2019
I have a high and competitive GPA, and I'm taking competitive classes, but my math grade happens to be my lowest. I want to major in aeronautical engineering, so I was wondering how bad it looks on my application that my math grade is my lowest grade (though it's an honor class). I have a lot of extracurriculars and unique things in my application that I hope can make up for it...
USAFA is a STEM-centric school. They prefer candidates who excel in math. One poor grade in math won’t necessarily sink you. But an overall lack of math propensity could. Unclear if that’s the case here. Just focus on raising those grades and doing well in the math portion of SAT/ACT.
Are you getting a C in Pre-calc as a senior?
Or a B+ in Multivariable Calc?
What shows better is you get a B and you bounced back with A. Dont worry , use this opportunity to learn your mistakes and motivate yourself to work harder and seek help if you think you are not making progress. Unless you are recruited athlete, Grades and Sat scores do matter given the competetive field. Give it your best and dont worry about things which are not in your control.