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    AFROTC Scholarship and AFJROTC Cert. of Completion

    My AFJROTC SASI told me that because I will be in JROTC for 3 years by the time I graduate, I will be awarded an AFJROTC Certificate of Completion. This apparently validates two semesters of AS in ROTC. If I receive a 4-yr AFROTC scholarship, will I still be allowed to validate the two semesters...
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    Can you commission without a scholarship?

    I have a question for Pima or some other smart person: My son is a senior in high school. He is applying to study business at several universities, all of which are host universities for AFROTC. (GPA: 3.1, SAT(CR+M): 1230). He has not applied for an AFROTC scholarship, since his parents would...