alo interview

  1. S

    Lingering Questions Regarding Slots

    Hello all, I’m a high school senior applying to USAFA from Texas. My district is one that USAFA recruits athletes from. FYI, I am not a blue chip/recruit. Annually, there have always been 2 recruits. This year, I heard of at least 3 athletes who committed to USAFA before I even opened my...
  2. N

    ALO Advice

    Hello! I got a letter of encouragement (LOE) last week from USAFA that said "A spot in the USAFA Class of 2027 will be reserved for you provided you meet all admission requirements to include a qualified medical status." The letter then continued to say "we are asking you to submit all your...
  3. G

    Nearly 2 months after interview, ALO still has not submitted form. What should I do?

    Hi all, I conducted my interview with my ALO in early September, and she promised to submit it within a week. About 3 weeks later I asked her if she had submitted it, and she said that she hadn't, and "would get it in by the weekend." Fast forward to 2 days ago, and the form is still not...
  4. E

    ALO and DODMERB Questions

    Hello all, I'm a candidate for the class of 2026, and submitted my candidate kit a few days ago. I've emailed my Evaluator ALO to set up an interview, but he hasn't responded yet. I'm not worried about that because I know they got a lot to do, but I was wondering how long the interviews...
  5. Y

    Evaluator ALO help

    Hello, I received an email a few weeks to schedule a meeting with my evaluator ALO. He emailed me back and said that he was no longer an ALO. I emailed and called USAFA admissions and they said that they would assign another ALO soon. It has been over a week and I wrote them another email with...
  6. Beamer

    CFA and Interview

    This is my first post. I am currently applying to USAFA, USNA, and USMA. I am pretty much finished with all of these applications except the essays, CFA, and their respective interviews. I am hoping to get into USAFA as my first and and USNA as my second. I just have a few questions. I...
  7. A

    ALO Interview Through FaceTime/Skype and CFA questions.

    Hello, I assume these questions have been asked quite frequently; however, it would be great to get all of the info in one thread. I will be doing my ALO interview on Tuesday, as well as my Candidate Fitness Assessment on Monday. I am wondering how much the CFA will be taken into account for...