ALO Advice


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Mar 4, 2021
Hello! I got a letter of encouragement (LOE) last week from USAFA that said "A spot in the USAFA Class of 2027 will be reserved for you provided you meet all admission requirements to include a qualified medical status." The letter then continued to say "we are asking you to submit all your remaining admissions requirements by January 6, 2023"

Two things remain in my application: My ALO interview (which I did on 12/11, before I got the LOE) and my medical. My ALO interview has not been received by the Academy, and I am anxious to get the interview in before the holidays because that leaves only five days of margin (January 1-6th) for my interview to be received.

Does anyone have any advice on how to approach the situation? Patience? A follow up email to the ALO? Call the Academy to check for any technical issues? Do any ALOs have any thoughts on the situation/suggested steps forward?