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    History of ankolosyng spondolytis

    Nrotc DoDMERB waiver denied for history of AS. Just completed New Student Indoc at Great Lakes with no issues. High marks on PRT. Two sport varsity athlete. No issues during Navy physical exam. No physical limitations or pain or injury. DQ based solely on self reported history from clinical...
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    Disenrollment Appeal

    I was disenrolled from Army ROTC in April 2018 and my disenrollment board/hearing was in June 2018. By chance, can anyone with experience tell me how long the disenrollment appeal usually takes to get a final decision back from Cadet Command? Thanks!
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    Waiver Appeal

    I was disqualified by DoDMERB, due to history of spinal fusion with instrumentation. I had a spinal fusion about 4 years ago to correct scoliosis, two metal rods and crews that can be taken out at anytime, but is just an unnecessary surgery. My detachment proceeded to submit a waiver for me...
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    Waiver Appeal

    I recently found out I was denied a waiver from Navy ROTC and I would like to know how appealing the waiver decision works. I checked the DoDMERB website just to see if anything happened and that is when I found out the decision so I haven't been sent a letter detailing anything from Navy ROTC...
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    How to appeal a denied waiver

    Hi I was awarded an AFROTC scholarship but unfortunately I was medically DQ'd, got a waiver and then it was denied. I kind of need the money and I was wondering how to go about appealing the denied waiver. Thank you so much!!
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    DODMERB Qualification

    Hello. My son received and appt to the uscga. His was DQ thru dodmerb due to gerd. His waiver and appeal were denied as well even though his md wrote s letter stating he was off medication (he had been off over 6 months) and had no gerd or acid reflux. My question is he wants to re apply again...
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    POC Disqualification

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any information on appealing a waiver disqualification? I am third year student at my university who graduated field training and entered the POC, but then was disqualified medically. I am sure I have the needed information to appeal the waiver however I do...