Disenrollment Appeal


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Aug 20, 2018
I was disenrolled from Army ROTC in April 2018 and my disenrollment board/hearing was in June 2018. By chance, can anyone with experience tell me how long the disenrollment appeal usually takes to get a final decision back from Cadet Command?
Some clarity may help get accurate responses.

Are you referring to Army, Navy, AF or NROTC/MO?
Here are some prior threads on the topic, although I believe that the timing for Cadet Command on the appeal may vary depending on the circumstances.

Can you explain why you are being disenrolled? (no details: GPA, too long to graduate, APFT, breach of conduct, etc.)


If your appeal is based on legal issues, you may wish to consult with an attorney who specializes on military ROTC disenrollment issues.

Good luck to you.
I was disenrolled for “ineptitude” with lack of evidence (little to no paper trail) and lack of general adaptability, again with little to no paper trail. I assumed it depended on the circumstances, and my lawyer even said she didn’t know how long it’d take, and it depends on Cadet Command’s schedule, etc...
Just trying to find ballpark numbers.. months? Year even? I figured someone on here might have some experience (went through a disenrollment board, etc..) who could give me a general time frame. The waiting game sucks!
Holy smokes....this is awful.

Were you on scholarship? If so, are they offering you a choice of payback vs. enlistment or just one option?
Yes they gave me the option...I was scholarship, dedicated guard. I am currently serving in the National Guard and if the decision is made for me to ultimately not commission, I’d go back to being a specialist and continue serving in the guard instead of paying back the money.