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    Candidate Questionnaire and Application

    Since the submission of my application (Dec 28th) I have been participating in varsity track. After meets, I have been updating my recruiting questionnaire with some of my progress. I was wondering if the questionnaire is reviewed with my application, or if it is reviewed upon submission? If...
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    2021 OTS Rated Board

    Hello all, I am planning on applying for the 2021 OTS Rated Board, specifically to be a pilot. Can anyone help me gauge how competitive I will be? I have a BA in Political Science & Economics, and now I am earning my MBA in Management. Age: 22 years old AFOQT: P 88, N 21, A 69, V 69, Q 66...
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    College before applying

    I am currently an applicant for the class of 2025. I knew my ACT score was low the super score I think is a 26 or 27. I have 30’s in science and reading. But I think 23’s in math and language. Because of this I decided to go to college before I applied this year.I took college algebra and a 200...
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    Multiple MOC’s nominations

    I am currently finishing my application to USAFA and was interested on how multiple nominations affects you’re application process. I currently have both my senator nominations and my congresswomen nomination. Any advice (or assistance) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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    Is it too late to try to apply?

    I am a Senior in high school and recently found out about the service academies. I was planning on going to a state university, but after researching, I've decided that going into the academy would be the option I favored more. It has constantly been on my mind for the past month or so and it is...
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    PFA Status

    Hey there I just took my PFA for the Army ROTC Scholarship this morning and had a question about the uploading process. So obviously this morning before the test, my portal labeled the fitness test as “Sent”. Then following the submission by my test proctor through the link he was given, my...
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    How likely am I get an AFROTC scholarship?

    This fall I will be a high school senior. I am not particularly concerned about my academics, I am a little concerned about my fitness, and I am very concerned about my leadership experience. I have a 1410 on the SAT, although I am scheduled to take it again in September and I have gotten...