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    How can I prepare?

    Hi! My name is Prasun Sapkota and I am sophomore at Panther Creek Highschool in Cary, NC. I have had an interest in the service academies especially the Naval Academy since a young age. As a sophomore, I have a 4.5 GPA out of 5 and 1490 on the SAT. I have also founded my own student-initiated...
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    Nomination Not Showing up in Portal

    Good morning everyone! So I was contacted earlier this week about receiving a principle nomination from one of my Senators to the United States Military Academy, and yesterday I was contacted by their office that they were submitting the nomination to West Point as we spoke. The staffer thought...
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    Submitting Additional LOR’s after Application Submission

    Is there any way possible to include an additional LOR after submitting the Naval Academy application? I submitted my app this month after contacting certain teachers to fill out an LOR. A teacher just reached back out saying they would do it, but since you need to submit their email in the...
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    Applying to West Point as a college freshman.

    I am currently a freshman in college. I want to apply to West Point but I am not sure about the process as a college student. I understand that it is similar in that I will apply to be a first-year but how will I undergo the process of application to West Point? I am in my school's rotc...