army scholarship

  1. MissO

    3rd Board Chances?

    Hello everyone. I was notified by the ROO at the college I will be attending that I was not awarded a scholarship on the 2nd board. I am working on my backup option if I am not awarded a 3 year national from the 3rd board. I understand it is impossible to tell someone if they will get a...
  2. MissO

    1/1/1 and 2/2/2 PFT Scores

    Hi everyone, I took my first attempt at a PFT this morning, and I'm curious as to how my scores stack up? My coach gave me the standard 2/2/2 (APFT), but we also took my score from the first minutes and mile. Scores are as follows for the 1/1/1: 1 Min Push-Ups: 25 / 1 Min Sit-Ups: 40 / 1 Mile...