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    Question About Walk-on Athletes

    How common is it for athletes to participate in a Varsity sport here without being recruited? Additionally, do coaches allow for "team managers" and allow for students to participate in practices and, even if they're not first string? Also, are there any cases where a person may not make the...
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    Help through "The Process"

    I am a sophomore in high-school so I still have about a year before things start moving. I feel as though I'm on the right track to attend an academy but I'm also staying motivated to keep improving. I believe that one my strengths is that all I've ever wanting to attend one of the...
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    Will I be automatically DQ?

    Hi there, I recently became "Board Ready" under my ROTC Cadet Command scholarship status! However, I feel as if my chances are slim of getting the scholarship. Even though the chances don't seem to high, I've decided to look at "next steps," just in case. DoDMERB is definitely on that list...
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    Sports should not define Academies I know that this story is a year old, but I have seen only one article on the internet having a problem with this policy. I am referring to the DoD making it possible for...
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    Blue Chip Athlete

    Just curious. Can USNA find a way to get a blue chip athlete in if he has not started any part of the application process until now?
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    Navy ROTC / Recruited Athlete

    This post contains a link to the George Washington University Athletic page where a video was created by the athletic department about my son and his journey. He was recognized because of a video he created of his Cortramid experience and he is currently the only recruited athlete that is also...