backup plan

  1. M

    Backup School Questions

    I’m applying to USAFA with UCF as my backup. I just got into UCF, and I know it can take a really long time to know about USAFA. For UCF, I have to respond to my offer of admission to go forward with applying to the honors college and housing, which are both rolling admissions so it’s best to...
  2. ImpossibleInc

    Plan A-

    Just read @FrauTeufelshund 's ideas of making a "TWE! But look what I am doing now!" and thought I'd change it a little to just have some people post their Plan A-'s or B's whatever you want to call it. Anyone from those who got accepted and just wanted to share what their backups were to those...
  3. P

    Backup Plan

    I understand that most families place a deposit on a backup college so that if the DD or DS is injured before I Day they have a school to go to in the fall vs waiting a year. By doing so, do you call the college and tell them what is going? Or just make a deposit and then decline the college...