1. S

    Math Placement tests during BCT?

    Hi, USAFA ‘28 here, entering in 10 days!! Super excited, but I was wondering if we had another Math placement test during BCT? For background, I took Calc 3/MultiVar my senior year of HS. You can’t validate that at USAFA, and the highest math class you can take Doolie year is Calc 3. We took 2...
  2. H

    Barbarians BCT Heritage

    I’m working as a cadre for USAFA BCT in Barbarians. I was wondering if any grads knew more history about the patch, specifically what the HH means. I know the patch is based on a sign at Jacks Valley a few years back, but don’t know what the HH stands for on the sign and now the patch. Any...
  3. S

    Vegan/Cruelty Free Boots for BCT??

    Hi everyone, This may be a question where there is no good answer, but I just wanted to ask if anyone knows where to find vegan/leather-free combat boots for BCT? I've searched the internet everywhere and did not find anything useful. All the boots I've found use suede leather and for personal...
  4. H

    Female hair advice

    Hello! I’m getting my haircut tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had some insight on how short I should cut it. I somewhat know the requirements and know it doesn’t have to be short short, but I’m trying to decide what a good length would be. I’ve heard some say you should cut it really short...
  5. C

    Packing a bag for Academic Semester

    Good evening! I hope you all are doing well. I'm still out and about getting vaccinations and medical things taken care of, and I've nearly gotten everything together for BCT packing, however, I was wondering if anyone has started packing for the academic year as well? I know some cadets who...
  6. FØB Zero

    Food during BEAST

    How often do cadets eat during beast? Most cadets lose weight so what factors in to this? Are the eating times very rushed or is there less food given or is it simply a combination of extreme exercise and stress? Is that weight often gained back during the academic year?
  7. R

    Parents on A Day

    at the end of BCT, on A Day, can my family come for the parade and to visit for the day?
  8. R

    Luggage VS Backpack for I-Day

    I am slightly confused on the packing for I Day. There are 3 separate areas on my Inprocessing Checklist: Items to hand-carry inside the manila envelope, Items to hand-carry on your person (wearing on your person, in your wallet/billfold, or in a small bag or tote), and Items to pack in your...
  9. Helic

    BCT preparation for Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! Just looking for some extra advice in preparation for BCT coming up in June. Some questions from me are... - Is there anything inparticular you'd recommend to bring that isn't listed? - Is there items you'd recommend I NOT bring that isn't otherwise obvious? - For those who...
  10. BmiraiC

    USAFA 4th Class Cadet Willing to Answer Questions

    Hello all, My name is Briana Carter, and I am a freshman here at the United States Air Force Academy. I am fresh out of basic and about two months into the academic year. Having gotten used to things, I've decided to open this thread; I'm hoping this will help as much as it helped me during my...
  11. XCpanda


    Hi! I wrote one of my letters in a blue ink pen and sent it to my Cadet in training. (USAFA) Would that be alright? Or would it count as contraband etc.? Thanks! Appreciate all answers:) xx
  12. J

    Squadron Assignments

    Do we have any idea when squadron assignments are coming out?
  13. XCpanda

    BCT Letters

    Hi! I have a few questions about writing letters to your significant other in BCT for USAFA. I plan to apply for USAFA as well once I am old enough. I have been told the DS sergeants and supervisors go through and read the mail. I was told to act no more than a friend in the letters, due to...
  14. T

    Medications during BCT Class of 2020

    My DS takes antibiotics for severe and painful acne. When he is on the medication his acne is light and his face is pain free. When off the antibiotics his acne is painful and break outs are severe and most embarrassing. I read that medications for acne is not allowed during BCT. Is there any...