1. D

    BFE/Checklist Before INDOC?

    Is a formal BFE to be sent out to all recent appointees? When is a formal appointment letter/notice received? How long does it normally take to arrive? Does it include a checklist of everything that needs to be done before INDOC? Or is some sort of official checklist online/reporting...
  2. E

    Accepted but no BFE?

    A little over a week ago I received emails, phone calls, and letters from both of my congressmen that nominated me saying I was receiving an appointment to the Naval Academy. A few days after that I got the official email from the school and have already accepted the offer. However, I have not...
  3. A

    Lots of BFEs

    Reading through the forum it seems like tomorrow (2/26) is the start of lots of BFEs getting sent out. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If true, I hope mine comes soon, the waiting game isn’t fun haha.
  4. F

    Does USAFA send anything through the mail?

    I just received an appointment from the AFA (so excited!), and I found out through the portal. Will I be receiving anything in the mail, similar to the BFE from Army? Just curious if I should be watching the mail. Thanks so much!
  5. Nilet

    TWE, Re-applying, AFROTC, and much more.

    All, The dreaded TWE - one of the worst feelings of an applicant's life. I should know, I received that same letter 2 years in a row. It wasn't until the third application I felt the bliss of the BFE. The Academy is not for everyone. AFROTC is a great option as well, I took two years of my...