cadet candidate

  1. Ohio2004


    Hello, my name is Peyton Warner. I received my appointment for USMA on the 8th of January this year. My interest in the academies started during my sophomore year of high school. I don't recall the exact conversation, but it was during one dinner night when my parents were having that...
  2. S

    Enlisted to West Point

    I am looking for some insight from Soldier applicants who gained direct admission to USMA. Some background: I had an unimpressive ACT score (28), HS GPA and class rank (3.4, probably around the 50 percentile class rank). Enlisted in the Army NG, flipped the switch and started crushing my...
  3. A

    USMA Candidate Questionnaire 2019

    Hello, as you probably know, the USMA candidate questionnaire form opened today. I was planning on completing it ASAP, but I became unsure when I got to the sports and school activities section. I am planning on playing varsity baseball this spring, but tryouts haven't started yet. I am also...
  4. C

    Where do I start?

    Hi everyone, I turn sixteen this saturday and I am going into my junior year of highschool. I'm younger for my class. As this is my junior year I'm really nervous about the whole 17 before July 1st deal, will I not be able to be accepted? I'm sixteen on August fourth, so in two days. I have a...
  5. MickeysDad

    Need Clarification: Attending USAFA Prep School with MOC Nomination

    Hi Everyone - Our DD received a MOC nomination in late Dec., 2016, followed by an offer/appointment to the USAFA Prep School, Class of 2018. We are so proud of her! Can someone please help clarify and confirm that after she successfully completes the ten-month PS program, our DD will NOT need...