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    Coast Guard Academy Scholars CGAS Prep Calendar Schedule

    Would someone post what the Coast Guard Academy Scholars "CGAS" Prep Calendar Schedule looks like? Does the school calendar year mirror the academy's? My understanding is CGAS student report to the academy for the first 3 weeks of Swab summer, but then what? Do you then travel to the prep...
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    USMA 2020-2021 Calendar

    Any idea when the 2020-2021 calendar will be published? We have a family wedding, a soon to be 15 year old wanting to schedule drivers ed over the summer, and I'm paralyzed with planning until the calendar is published. I've read about R-Day's 'brief' send off end of June first of July, then...
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    Received USAFA 2016 Calendar

    DS just received in mail a 2016 USAFA calendar. Nothing else in envelope, just a wall calendar. Is this something they always do? DS has a nom for USAFA and application is completed recently. I did a search but came up with nothing. Just curious.