1. S

    SATs/ACTs in California

    Any recommendations on when to register for SATs/ACTs? Due to the fact that UCs/CSUs aren't requiring scores, my school isn't offering insight on any testing this year. I'm a junior, and I need all the help I can get. As of right now, I´m considering registering at another testing site, but I'm...
  2. B

    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Has anybody received any form of confirmation of receipt of their packets from either of the Ca senators? I have sent mine over a month ago and just now heard back from Harris, still no word on Feinstein. I know they are supposed to send the post card one includes in their packet, but I still...
  3. G

    Anyone wanna critique my nomination essay for Senators?

    Hello, I'm from California and I will be turning in nomination applications to both senators pretty soon, so if anyone would like to give me any feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me if you would like to(for obvious reasons). Thank You Very Much! P.S. Good Luck...
  4. Irun26.2

    Flying to BWI for NASS Session 1 from N. California

    I will be attending Session 1 of NASS and am wondering if it is best to do a "red-eye" flight (Friday night) that gets me into BWI early the morning of June 2...or do a non-stop flight on June 2 that gets me into BWI at 4 pm. I am planning on using the NASS shuttle from BWI and feel like the...
  5. N

    USNA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Our son is 3Q'd and has his congressional nomination. 3 out of 5 classmates received denial letters from USNA on March 16th. Our DS has had no change in his status. The waiting game is tough! Not feeling good at this late day - April 7th already. How many in California have been appointed by...
  6. B

    California NOM with LOA

    Daughter received LOA in October and interviewed with one senator and one congresswoman-other senator never responded to application. Received one "no" and are being strung out on congressional results. Promised before Christmas, then updated to early January and still no word. Anyone else out...
  7. D

    Simultaneous Membership Program as MSll

    Hello, My first post here; I am a cadet serving as an MSll and was offered the SMP route, but I would have to take off the Spring Semester 2017. I was curious if this route would be beneficial to me or harm me. My graduation date has already been pushed back a whole year. This would push it...
  8. G

    UW vs UCLA army rotc decision

    Hello, I am a high school senior, and I have received a 4 year scholarship to both UW and UCLA. I am 95% sure I'll be accepted into UW and 50% sure that I'll be accepted to UCLA. I am planning on majoring in aerospace engineering, and both are ranked very closely. So that doesn't affect my...
  9. P

    Any other Southern CA appointments?

    Hey everyone, im in district 31 here in Southern California and I accepted my appointment mast week. Anyone else in SoCal receive an appointment?