candidate questionnaire

  1. un_pajaro

    Invalid ETS In Candidate Questionnaire

    For context, my school is a really small and new school (half a decade of existence) and in the West Point candidate questionnaire where in the list of schools along with their ETS, my school isn't in there. I asked my councilor for ETS code however when I tried sumbmitting the questionaire with...
  2. P

    Transferring to the USAFA: I need advice.

    Hi everyone, Apologies if I am going about this incorrectly: it's my first time on this forum, but I'm searching high and low for some information. 99% of the data I've found on attending the USAFA academy is regarding students going straight from high school. That is not my scenario. I...
  3. V

    Candidate Questionnaire and Application

    Since the submission of my application (Dec 28th) I have been participating in varsity track. After meets, I have been updating my recruiting questionnaire with some of my progress. I was wondering if the questionnaire is reviewed with my application, or if it is reviewed upon submission? If...
  4. S

    I can't start my candidate questionaire

    I tried to start my candidate questionnaire and was unsuccessful. I entered in all the information correctly and got a prompt saying that the SSN or DOB entered was incorrect. I later emailed my zone's regional commander and was told that I was too young to start my questionnaire. I am 16...
  5. L

    Candidate Questionnaire ..?

    I am currently a junior and starting to prepare for applying to WP. On the WP admissions page they have a time line that says you should complete the CQ this before august of your senior year, or way sooner... What exactly is the CQ, what do I have to fill out for it and when should I begin it...
  6. Severse Rhycology

    Candidate Questionnaire - When do I start?

    I'm entering my junior year in high school, and I am wondering when can/should I fill out the candidate questionnaire? Now? Does it not physically open until a certain date?