1. klcm54a

    USAFA Job Drops for Class of 2022

    Anyone hearing scuttlebutt regarding job drops for the class of 2022? I heard a rumor that jobs were dropping earlier this year (maybe as early as August) and a good number of pilot slots to USAFA. Space Force gets a percentage of the high demand/low density jobs like intel. It is exciting to...
  2. R

    I have waiver - but can I get a pilot slot?

    Hello everyone! I was recently granted a waiver to USAFA! I'm very excited but after reading the notification letter I was a little worried. Questions: 1) Even though I was waived to attend USAFA will I not be considered for a pilot or special operations career field because I was not...
  3. 2

    Military astronauts that aren't pilots?

    I know that many of the astronauts that come from the military are pilots, but I wondered if any were more engineering oriented. I know that I would like to join the military and a major goal of mine would be to become an astronaut (highly unlikely, I know). I also know that engineering roles...
  4. 2

    Does the Air Force have robotics engineers?

    I'm very interested in doing ROTC in college and wanted to know the types fo jobs available afterward. I plan on pursuing electrical engineering as a major and wanted to know if I'd be able to do actual engineering things or if it would just be project management. Specifically, does the air...
  5. J

    Careers after graduation

    I plan on applying to the CGA for the class of 2023. From what I understand, there are 3 main career paths after graduation from the academy - being aboard a cutter, being ashore, and aviation. At graduation, do you get to pick which path you take or is it assigned to you by major, or how does...
  6. craiyan2

    Jets and Helos

    Hi- I'm looking into prospective careers in the navy. It is my hope that I become an aviator in the navy, or a pilot in the airforce. I was wondering if there was enough job mobility in the navy to transition from being a fighter pilot to a helicopter pilot. The reason I am asking is because...