USAFA Job Drops for Class of 2022


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Nov 1, 2017
Anyone hearing scuttlebutt regarding job drops for the class of 2022? I heard a rumor that jobs were dropping earlier this year (maybe as early as August) and a good number of pilot slots to USAFA. Space Force gets a percentage of the high demand/low density jobs like intel. It is exciting to know this next step is close at hand.
I haven’t heard anything but my son is c/o2023 and told me last night he heard rumor his class and the 22’s were getting a larger number of pilot slots. Oh i sure hope so. Get it back to where you had to explain why you weren’t going pilot to the commandant.
This is pretty cool to hear-- My oldest son is an intel officer and he loves it-- my second son is a C1C and is hoping for a pilot slot-- Keeping fingers crossed--
Got another heads up that jobs were broadening to areas like Public Affairs. Because these jobs can be selected also, early job drops are less likely because the cadets get a chance to look into the non-traditional careers. Time will tell...