1. C

    CBT Platoons

    I have heard from a few different cadet candidates that they have received their assigned platoon for CBT. I've been looking all over the portal and I can't find this info. Where can I?
  2. prospective2019

    Your CBT Cadre -- AMA*

    Good morning, I am a rising Firstie and will be Cadre for Cadet Basic Training this summer. I will have a good number of you in my formation. I figure there are probably some questions out there about training, administrative, etc that the underclass on here cannot answer. Feel free to pick my...
  3. M

    What are the best authorized boots to buy for Beast?

    What are the best authorized boots to buy for Beast?
  4. J

    A-Day Schedule And Information

    Hi everyone. I am a cadet reporting Monday. I know A-Day will be the first chance to get to see loved ones after CBT and that there will be a parade that day; however, I haven’t come across much information besides that. Does anyone know if there is free time to visit with loved ones? For...
  5. birdwatcher4125

    Uniform patches for Cadet Basic Training

    Greetings to all, My DS and I were reviewing what was left to buy for his BEAST packing list when we realized that we hadn't ordered his extra uniform patches yet. Well, we tried to access the recommended uniform website (http://www.multicamnametape.com), but the website appears to be no-more...
  6. W

    CBT Prep 2022

    Congratulations to everyone who had their acceptance show up on their portal today and accepted it making it official, like myself. Now for the hard part, preparing for beast! Does anyone have any preparation tips to help get ready and calm the new found nervousness? I know there's always the...
  7. J

    Beast BCG's

    I have fairly good vision and rarely wear glasses or contacts and can see perfectly fine without them. However, my vision is one eye is weaker than the other. Therefore I will be issued BCG's during beast. Will I be required to wear them or will it be optional throughout CBT?