What are the best authorized boots to buy for Beast?


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Feb 1, 2018
When you do find your boot of choice. If you can, get a second pair. Beast will destroy the first pair. Then you go into Re-Orgy week with fresh boots and feet. Same with your athletic shoes. More than likely they will be wet, muddy and badly beaten. Then, there is the smell.....
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Feb 7, 2018
Equally important as the boots are the socks and, for some, shoe inserts. A good quality sock such as Darn Tough will make a huge difference. I actually wear two pairs of socks with my boots: A very thin pair with a thick wool sock over top. I also wear a shoe insert (Superfeet Green) as I have narrow heals. All of these help prevent blisters. Folks might say that two pairs in the summer will be hot. Where I am, the temperature is well over 100 for three months of the year and tops out at about 125 for a week or two. Hot feet are better that blistered heels. By the way, I wear Garmont T8s and log about 10 miles a day in them.