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    CFA Retake

    I just received word that I need to retake the CFA by November 27th and am scared, here are my precious scores that I just received (I do believe that I can perform much better on the mile because when I took it I was sick and had to run in 25 degree weather while it was snowing) I think that I...
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    CFA Scores weight in application

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some insight on how heavily the CFA plays a part into my total application. I took it yesterday and have completed everything else in my file, but my scores were lower than they were when I practiced earlier in the year. Even though they are low, do I have almost a zero...
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    CFA Scores

    I did my CFA test on 12/18, here are my scores basketball-50 pull-ups-5 shuttle-9.05 push-ups-46 sit-ups-72 mile-6:10 I'm a runner so I'm good with my legs, but I'm weaker with my upper body. I did horrible on the pull-ups and a little below average in everything except the mile. I was...