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    CFA fail

    I was notified that I failed my CFA for USNA and as I took it quite late, the news of this came after the deadline. All requirements for my application are done. Is it still possible to obtain an appointment if I failed my CFA or should I abandon hopes to get in?
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    Failed First CFA- Offered Retake, Now What?

    Hello. The title says it all. I took the CFA today and failed it, I assume, because they sent me an email saying they want me to retake it in 30 days. I’m not sure what to do, because they don’t give minimums. My run was bad, but all my other scores were decent, or so I thought. Do they offer...
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    CFA Retake

    I just received word that I need to retake the CFA by November 27th and am scared, here are my precious scores that I just received (I do believe that I can perform much better on the mile because when I took it I was sick and had to run in 25 degree weather while it was snowing) I think that I...
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    CFA Scores weight in application

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some insight on how heavily the CFA plays a part into my total application. I took it yesterday and have completed everything else in my file, but my scores were lower than they were when I practiced earlier in the year. Even though they are low, do I have almost a zero...
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    CFA Scores

    I did my CFA test on 12/18, here are my scores basketball-50 pull-ups-5 shuttle-9.05 push-ups-46 sit-ups-72 mile-6:10 I'm a runner so I'm good with my legs, but I'm weaker with my upper body. I did horrible on the pull-ups and a little below average in everything except the mile. I was...