CFA Scores weight in application


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Jan 12, 2017
Hi, I'm hoping to get some insight on how heavily the CFA plays a part into my total application. I took it yesterday and have completed everything else in my file, but my scores were lower than they were when I practiced earlier in the year. Even though they are low, do I have almost a zero chance of an appointment? They rest of my application is pretty stacked. I have a cumulative 4.0, President of National Honor Society, Peer Leader Program Officer, SADD social media officer, Editor of my school yearbook, 31 ACT, JV Cross country and track 3 years, Science team member, CSF member, volunteer at senior home since freshman year, library volunteer since freshman year, and involved in program that offers free tutoring for freshman. I have a part time job as a paid math tutor, 13 APs, 3 solid letters of Rec, what I believe are 3 solid essays, and my ALO interview went amazing.

Bball throw- 42'
Shuttle- 10.9 sec
Arm hang- 15 sec
Sit ups: 45
Push ups: 25
Mile- 8:45

Being a distance runner it's been hard to gain upper body strength, any feedback is appreciated.
You are a distance runner but your mile time is below average? I would definitely just try to do a bunch of sit ups and push ups as often as I can. Good luck!
I am an SA applicant (not to USAFA though) and I made similar scores, so I'm wondering the same thing.
Here are my CFA scores to the best of my memory:
Basketball throw- 33'
Pull-ups - 1
Shuttle Run - 10.5
Push-ups - 34
Sit-ups - 82
Mile Run - 8:54

I just received my appointment on January 12 and apparently had a very strong application, according to the person that informed me. But I was also recruited as a blue-chipped athlete so that might be why.