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    Validating Courses

    I just completed my sophomore year of college at an engineering school, so I have taken Calculus 1,2,3, Diff EQ, Physics 1,2, Chemistry 1,2, Statics, and Dynamics. I am hoping to test out of at least Physics, Chemistry, and all Calculus courses. I was wondering if people know any good study...
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    Course validation

    Hello all, I know this might be a long shot, but can anyone speak to validating chemistry 1 & 2? I have read through the resources I could find on course validation at USNA but am curious about the tests administered/steps necessary to place out of chem 1&2, as AP scores are not used to do...
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    Writing admissions to explain grades?

    My DS is a re-applicant who struggled with chemistry in the first semester at college and ended up with a C. I saw somewhere on this forum a suggestion that he write a letter to his admissions officer explaining his experience last semester and what he learned from it. Now I can't find the...