1. OrionVII

    Does anybody have any advice for cadets who want to go to USMA or USAFA?

    Does Anybody have any advice for high school students who want to attend USMA or USAFA?
  2. 2

    Question about HS Course selection

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in high school. Course selection for junior year is coming up, and I have a question about what I should do. I am in a position right now where I could take AP Chem junior year and AP Physics senior year, or take AP Physics and AP Physics C both years. I really...
  3. Jpgrrrl11

    USAFA Academic Schedule?

    This is a simple question, but my DD wants to clarify. M-days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, meaning you have M-day classes three times a week. T-days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, meaning you have T-day classes twice a week. I know some classes are not on this exact schedule, but is this the...
  4. BBF2003

    Senior Schedule Question

    I'm beginning to schedule my classes for senior year. I consulted my ALO about which classes would be better than others in terms of preparedness for the academies. He told me that the academies cannot see my 7th and 8th semester transcripts, and that I should take the ones that are the most...
  5. G

    Prior College Questions

    General question here: I have an Associate of Engineering, which includes classes such as Calculus 1-3, Physics 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, C++ programming, Engineering Graphics, etc. This degree in my state is mainly just a transfer degree, which allows me to transfer to a university without...
  6. D

    Will taking Honors Classes limit my chance of being a candidate?

    Hello everyone, I'm a rising Junior, and I'm currently enrolled in the IB Diploma program. However, I did ask for some advice about this IB situation that I was having, and what I gathered was that I should look out for more STEM related classes. And as I think more about it during this...
  7. kevintanaka

    Help with Senior Year Courses !

    Hello guys! I am currently applying to the United States Naval Academy, and I just wanted to show a rigorous academic schedule for my Senior year. In order to provide greater context, I will show the courses I have taken and their respective grades. Please give me ANY feedback! Thank you...
  8. tlfrancis289

    Senior Year: Physics, AP Chem, or my select chorus

    Hello all, As my senior year approaches, we are choosing classes. I have been part of a select chorus group (it is a class at my school) since freshman year. Right now, I have to option to take that for senior year, or AP Chemistry or Physics. My overall GPA in science is a 3.857 unweighted...
  9. M

    AP Physics 1 or C?

    I am a junior in high school interested in USNA currently taking Physics Honors. Would it be better to take AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C as a senior next year? Does USNA value AP Physics C significantly higher than AP Physics 1? I am also currently taking Pre-Calculus and will take AP...
  10. U

    Poor Grades in Honors Math

    Hey folks, I am worried about my Honors math grade. This semester I got a C- (junior)... I am great in other areas (except for understandable difficulty in AP chem). Can someone pls give me input on if my chances to academy are decreased significantly? And any suggestions to make up for this...
  11. anna.polis2024

    Save the GPA?

    As I have come into my junior year of high school I have found that managing my time and the academic difficulty of my classes has been a huge road block for me. I am taking Chemistry, Leadership Development in Action, APUSH, Guidance Assisting, AP Lit/Comp, AP Environmental, Strength and...
  12. S

    My Senior Year Classes

    Before I get into my situation with my senior year classes, let me give some background. I go to an extremely small high school; there are less than 90 kids 9-12 grade. We offer zero AP and zero honors courses. Because of this, I tested out of some classes my freshman year so I could take the...
  13. T

    Taking Easy Classes In College to boost GPA? (higher chance of getting active duty)

    I heard some people talking about taking easy classes in college to boost your chance of getting active duty slot. GPA obviously counts the most along with your physical fitness. Should I take/do "easy" college classes/major to boost my GPA? And IF so, what classes do you recommend?
  14. C

    7th & 8th semester

    Hey all. Just got my offer of appointment a few days ago. Wondering approximately what GPA I should try to maintain for the remainder of my senior year (I had a 3.88 unweighted through my junior year), and if there are any classes I'm in right now that I would be able to drop next semester...
  15. cama93

    AP Computers or Physics?

    Hello all, I am going to be a senior next year (class of 2022 for a service academy, hopefully) and I am filling out my classes for next year. I have read that being proficient in computers is necessary for an academy regardless of your major, so I planned to take AP Computer Science next year...
  16. C

    High School Senior Courses

    I am at the point in my junior year when I need to pick my classes for next year. I understand the Academy emphasizes STEM courses. However, math is not a subject I would describe as being easy for me. I have taken all algebra courses, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics so far. I did not to...
  17. M

    Will an AROTC scholarship pay for summer courses?

    Has a scholarship paid for your summer classes? Or just during fall/spring semesters? I can't find info about it online.
  18. mynameisnt

    Class Schedule at West Point

    Hey guys. Just out of curiosity I was wondering what classes you typically take during your first year at the academy. I know this can depend on what you test into, however I wanted to know if there is any sort of list or document that shows the available options. Also, do you have any say in...