Feb 11, 2020
General question here:

I have an Associate of Engineering, which includes classes such as Calculus 1-3, Physics 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, C++ programming, Engineering Graphics, etc. This degree in my state is mainly just a transfer degree, which allows me to transfer to a university without retaking these credits. Also, I have straight A's.

Now I understand that no matter what, all service academies make you enroll for 4 years, no matter your prior college experience. But I have heard that they may allow the "transfer" of certain courses so that students do not have to retake certain classes; and presumably students would enroll in a different class.

These questions may seem absurd here, but King's Point seems like a different breed of SA, and so I would like to know if anyone here has some general insight.

Is it possible to double major at King's Point? With prior college credits, is it possible to major in a deck major an engineering major? What is the max amount of credits that USMMA will recognize?

I have heard that classes at USMMA such as Calculus 1 are killers. I have heard of midshipmen here having to go to other maritime colleges to retake a certain class in order to continue an education at King's Point, and it seems like a good idea to avoid those situations if at all possible. I do have prior experience with classes like these, but they were at a Jr. College/Community College level. I'm sure I could get through the "semi-weed out" classes again, but IF I have the opportunity to not take these classes again, is it a good idea? I'm sure future classes would build on foundations learned in such classes; but to what degree?

Lastly, (I know this is a long way off, but) I have heard that USMMA is conducting education for master's degree level work or similar (sorry for any incorrect terminology here).
Does anyone here have any insight to share or experience with this program? It seems to be the only service academy to offer graduate school options, which is very interesting.

Thanks in advance!
You will be tested during INDOC to be placed into the appropriate math and English levels. If you do well on the placement tests, you would start at a higher level than your classmates who do not do as well. Even though you have taken college level classes before, you will very likely be challenged by the demanding classes and credit load at Kings Point.

It is not possible to "double major" in both deck and engineering. In order to obtain your degree, you have to accrue a minimum number of sea days (330 for deck or 300 for engine) actually working as either a deck or engine cadet. There is not enough time in your four years of college to do both. My DS (class of '13) was able to become licensed as a Third Mate (deck) and get his QMED (Qualified Member of the Engineering Department), which is the highest unlicensed engineering position. That option is no longer available because the required number of sea days has increased since then. Now you have to select deck or engine, not both.

Regarding graduate studies in engineering, my understanding (someone please correct me if I am wrong) is that this curriculum is designed for the working maritime professional rather than a course of study immediately following an undergraduate degree.
Yup. And the Dual License program that was in place when I attended (grueling program that graduated the participants with both Third Mate's and Third Assistant Engineer's licenses) is a thing of the past.