1. P

    Computer sciences while color blind in marines

    As the title says, what type of jobs would be available to me in the computer science or cyber field inside of the marines while being colorblind.(apologies if I posted this in the wrong area)
  2. USNA2021_Dad

    Color Deficiency

    Does anyone know the exact difference between the color deficiency standards between the USAF and USN/Marine Corps UPT pilot standards? I've heard that the AF standards are different (lower) than Navy/Marine Corps and was just wondering if anyone knows for sure? Sorry if this exists on another...
  3. RyeBread

    New Colorblindness Test

    My son is a USCGA Scholar's program candidate pending a Medical Waiver for Colorblindness. The Scholar's Handbook indicates a favorable waiver if the candidate passes the Farnsworth exam, which he did. However, we were informed this week that he must take a newly instituted test, Waggoner...