1. C

    Intentionally Not Getting an EA for AFROTC

    Some background info: -I'm currently an AS200 Cadet in FTP year on a Type 7 Scholarship (Tech major). -I want to fly. -When I got the scholarship for a tech degree, I was very interested in engineering, but after taking college courses in it I no longer feel like its for me -~3.2 GPA trending...
  2. 1

    Am I DQ’d? 4 year contracted AROTC

    Hey everyone, I’ll try to make this quick, my stress has been through the roof lately. I received a 4-Year AROTC scholarship my senior year and I have completed my MSI and MSII years with the scholarship. I am currently taking an LOA while I transfer schools. Between June and now, I have been...
  3. J

    Out of state to In state tuition ROTC

    Hi everyone, I am a non-commissioned cadet, who joined Army ROTC last month and was offered in-state tuition. My battalions Commanding Officer had told me about it and said I should receive in-state tuition even though im not contracted yet. But, It would be through GI benefits, but I do not...
  4. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Scholarship: Tech to Non-Tech. Has anyone done it?

    Has anyone out there in the forum ever tried to switch from tech to non-tech on an AFROTC scholarship? I'm considering asking to switch and would like to hear from some people with some first-hand experience on what I should/shouldn't do when it comes to how I present the idea to Cadre and how...
  5. T

    POST DoDMERB Torn Labrum + Biceps Tendon

    CONTRACTED ROTC 4-year scholarship winner approaching MS3 (assessment) year. I am a varsity rugby player and just found out that in the course of my fall season and the subsequent pushing through shoulder pain during PT that I have torn both the biceps tendon and labrum in my left shoulder...