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    AROTC Contracting Timeline

    I am currently a freshman in college who won a 3-year national scholarship for Army ROTC, I have enjoyed my first year in the program and want to stick with it. That being said, I am still not contracted and I might not be able to contract for some time now because I just got some medical...
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    How long does the DODMERB medical status review takes?

    I am currently an MS3 at my university and I am nearing the end of my contracting process. I have completed and signed all of the paperwork that I needed to I am just waiting to hear back on my medical. I enlisted through MEPS and used my physical from OCT 2017. My recruiting officer sent my...
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    How to Prepare for AROTC?

    Hi guys! I'm a female, non scholarship cadet, entering into my freshman year at Rhodes College. I am working on the APFT with my JROTC Army Instructor (AI), so I am making sure my pushups and situps are up to standard with him. For my first APFT I am shooting for anywhere in the 220 range (if...
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    Misdemeanor & Contracting help?

    Hey all, I am going into my MSII year coming up and just had a few questions about the enrollment forms my battalion is getting me to fill out before the upcoming semester. Basically I was arrested and charged with a DWI (BAC of 0.01) when I was 17 two years ago and all the charges were...
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    CAC for Contracted AFROTC Cadet

    Hi all, I was recently contracted with the AFROTC on scholarship (GMC). I was wondering the procedure to obtain a CAC. I have the Contract Order along with appropriate documentations (passport, driver's license etc). Can I go to ANY RAPIDS facility to obtain a CAC (regardless of the branch)...