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Aug 9, 2017
Hey all, I am going into my MSII year coming up and just had a few questions about the enrollment forms my battalion is getting me to fill out before the upcoming semester.

Basically I was arrested and charged with a DWI (BAC of 0.01) when I was 17 two years ago and all the charges were dismissed by the prosecutors and I was only convicted of Careless Driving.

I am also a member of my state's ARNG after going to BCT last fall and had no problem getting a waiver for that, and I'm hoping being enlisted will help me with contracting. My recruiter did another background check recently and said he can see I had everything dismissed and was only charged with the careless driving.

Becoming an Active Officer is a lifelong dream of mine and I basically don't want a teenage mistake I made to hold me back. I'm not sure exactly what to disclose to my battalion as under-disclosure as well as over-disclosure of the arrest & charges could come to hurt me, and am unsure as to whether I need to tell them anything at all at the moment before an SF-86 as I've still only been convicted of a minor traffic violation amounting to <$250
Simply answer the questions truthfully. If it asks if you were ever convicted of a DWI you answer no. If it asks if you were ever charged, you answer yes. If you have to answer yes, there should be a place for further explanation where you can mention you were a minor, etc. etc. On any form, not just this one, read the question carefully and provide the information requested... no more, no less. That's the only safe path through this stuff.