1. WW1UFI

    Documentation of Service Hours

    Hi everyone, Do I need to provide documentation/evidence to corroborate all non-school related activities? I know that I will have to get my h.s. guidance counselor to respond to the email thing that's a part of the app. But for other activities, I don't have to have proof or anything right? For...
  2. C

    File Update Procedure

    I have recently been granted a leadership position in sports and an academic award, and I was wondering how exactly I should go about updating my USMA file/how my counselor could send verification of the change to USMA. Would an email to admissions be what is needed, and if not, what else should...
  3. K

    Application Portal Down for Counselors?

    Hi all, My counselor was going through the portal to verify a few different things she had to verify, and she said that everytime she went to verify something it brought her back to the portal and she couldn't do anything. Has anyone else heard of someone having this problem or know a solution...
  4. kgg200

    AIM Application

    So far I am in the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar, but because I am in (literally) the most competitive district for congressional nominations, I'm also applying to the Coast Guard Academy. I applied to AIM a while ago, and when I asked my mom which week I should put in for she told me I...