May 19, 2019
Hi everyone,
Do I need to provide documentation/evidence to corroborate all non-school related activities? I know that I will have to get my h.s. guidance counselor to respond to the email thing that's a part of the app. But for other activities, I don't have to have proof or anything right? For example, I said that I volunteered 200 hours at the science museum, was part of a local construction project, etc. And I am honest about it, but there is still no way for anyone to know that I did 200 hours and not 100, so on and so forth.
Whatever you report should be verifiable somehow. Whether or not it is verified by USNA is anyone's guess - but if someone were to ask - you should be able to support your data.
Forethought would have been helpful. When my students do volunteer, job shadows, internships, etc. the hours are verified with a signature from the preceptor or agency representative. Surely you are honest but trust with verification is key in this circumstance.
Another approach is to simply report what you did, without listing hours. I would be more impressed with "Led painting team on local Habitat for Humanities project." than Volunteered 50 hours for Habitat for Humanities.