1. Giantatom

    Advice For High School?

    I'm a Junior in high school right now, and I'll be starting my pre-candidate questionnaire when it opens in March. I'm looking for advice on anything I can do in my last year and a half of high school. Currently, I have a pretty good GPA at 3.95 unweighted/4.86 weighted with the most rigorous...
  2. A

    Higher-Level Course Validation and Overload in Engineering Major

    I am in 10th grade and planning to apply to USNA in a next few years. I am interested to study in Engineering major and if possible, I would like to take all pre-med courses and do some research during 4 years at USNA. I understand that USNA student is obligation to attend classes, unlike...
  3. C

    Fort Benning Combatives Courses

    Can cadets take the Army Combatives Courses as part of summer training? Has anyone ever heard of cadets going to these courses?