1. I

    Cadet dating rules

    I'm currently at usafa prep and am starting my fourth quarter, and I'm confident that I want to continue and eventually graduate from usafa. However, I've been hearing rumors around the prep school about rules that cadets must follow when dating. I'm currently dating my boyfriend of two years...
  2. M

    Dating at the AF (prior relationship)

    So I have a friend at the USAFA. I am applying to go there next year. Our relationship is somewhat romantic and I expect someday we will date. That is, if we’re allowed to. I know fraternizing is not allowed normally. But he has told me he filled out paperwork saying that we had a prior...
  3. XCpanda

    BCT Letters

    Hi! I have a few questions about writing letters to your significant other in BCT for USAFA. I plan to apply for USAFA as well once I am old enough. I have been told the DS sergeants and supervisors go through and read the mail. I was told to act no more than a friend in the letters, due to...
  4. Q

    Dating/Marriage within an NROTC unit.

    I was wondering what the UCMJ rules are with dating another Midshipmen of the same rank within your NROTC unit. I have been looking all over for an answer, and cannot get a straight forward answer. We will be commissioning/graduating at the same time, but will not be assigned to the same job or...
  5. S

    Life at the Academy

    While waiting to find out if I was appointed to the academy I heard about this forum and I had a few questions about the academy from people who have gone through it very recently. One of my concerns is that I won't be able to enjoy myself during college and my time will be spent getting yelled...