1. J

    Naval Academy vs Coast Guard Academy

    I am a high school senior, and have recently been accepted to USNA and USCGA for the Class of 2027. I am very excited about the prospect of attending one of these schools, but I cannot figure out which is best for me. Coast Guard seems to have a great familial atmosphere and exciting summer...
  2. C

    Struggling with decision to accept appointment

    I recently received a USAFA appointment; however, even though I made it through the application process I still have reservations about going there. The main reason I am hesitant is because I am not 100% sure. I am not sure if I want to go to USAFA, and I'm not sure if I even want to be an...
  3. L

    By April 1 – Regular Admission decisions released?

    So just for clarification, all admissions decisions are made by April 1st, but appointments can be offered before this time; is this correct? Additionally, are most appointments released before this date, or on this date? Do sports play a major factor in getting an appointment before the deadline?
  4. L

    USNA vs U of Michigan NROTC- Marine Option

    Hi everyone, I have been lucky enough to earn an appointment to USNA with the class of 2023 and also a NROTC Marine Option scholarship to the University of Michigan. Although having to choose is a great problem to have, I am conflicted on which route to select. USNA has been my dream school...
  5. S

    Timeframe for Admissions Decision

    Hello, I am applying to USNA class of 2023. I finished my application very early back in October. Unfortunately the rep in my district and my senators have a later nomination period. I received nominations from my rep and a senator late last year. Both of the nominations showed up on my portal...
  6. Paul111

    I Need Help with My Decision: USNA or Civilian College

    Hi all, I have to make my college decision by tomorrow at midnight. I'm between USNA and an elite business program at the University of Cincinnati (where I live). I've called, emailed, and spoken with dozens of different people (current students, grads, respected adults, friends) trying to make...
  7. H

    Help with decision

    Hello all, I received a nomination/appointment for class of 2022 this past Friday and was given until May 1 to decide (~5 days). I attended summer seminar last summer and loved it. I made friends quick and told myself that if I got in, I would attend. Ive only been back one time since, and that...
  8. M

    USNA or MIT

    Hello, Since decision day is right around the corner, I am seeking advice for a very important decision. I am seeking input from experienced people as to which school would be better for me: USNA or AFROTC at MIT. Let me start by describing my situation, career goals, and potential options. I...
  9. M

    Which Major to Choose?

    Originally I was sure I want to major in government as I am extremely politically-minded. But after doing research of the other majors Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is starting to interest me. My only fear about that major is the math required. I'll have taken Alg. 2, Geometry...
  10. alexFL1

    USCGA vs Air Force ROTC

    My goal is to become a pilot, I am dead set on that. But which route would be "better" or more guaranteed? I got wait listed at the USCGA, but hoping I eventually get accepted, my choices then would be there or joining the Air Force ROTC at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Which school...